Singapore Airlines cancellation policy is designed to make the flight cancellation process easy and hassle-free for its passengers. Known for its fascinating cabin features and luxurious services on-board, Singapore airlines cancellation charges are very nominal compared to other carriers around. For example, to cancel Flexi fares Singapore Airlines charges a cancellation fee of 100 USD while providing a refund on the remaining balance of the airfare.

Singapore Airlines also provides meals, accommodation, assistance in re-booking, and transportation to the accommodation to reduce the inconvenience faced by the passengers during delays and involuntary cancellations. Singapore airline also sends notifications to passengers in case of last-minute ticket cancellations. 

Cancellation charges for Singapore Airlines

In case of any voluntary cancellation, the Singapore Airlines’ cancellation costs vary according to the fare type. There are three types of fares involved in each class of services including Economy, Premium Economy, and Business. Besides, Singapore Airlines’ cancellation varies with the ticket type

Singapore Airlines Lite Fare – This fare is non-refundable in all the classes of service. The only refund allowed is under Singapore Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy. For any changes, you have to pay 150 USD to change the travel date or destination. It does not allow complimentary seat selection but passengers traveling with a child or infant in the same booking may select Standard seats in advance at zero cost.

Singapore Airlines Standard Fare – The fare is refundable along with a Singapore Airlines cancellation fee of 100 USD. The rest of the balance would be processed as a refund. Besides, it also allows changes for the same price. It allows complimentary seat selection.

Singapore Airlines Flexi Fare – The fare is refundable along with the Singapore Airlines Flexi saver cancellation fee of 75 USD. The rest of the balance would be processed as a refund. Besides, it also allows changes for the same price but at no cost. It allows complimentary seat selection.

  • This fare rule is applicable to all the flights going to/from the US.
  • Singapore airlines’ Lite fare tends to be the most restrictive fare, which is promoted in all the classes of service.
  • Singapore Airlines’ Lite fare tends to be always lower in price than Standard fare and Flexi fare.

How to Cancel Singapore Airlines Booking Online?

Online cancellation is not rocket science. The process remains the same as with other airlines. We have drafted a step by step guide to help you. Here are the steps:

  • Visit Singapore Airlines Official Site 
  • Click on the ‘Manage Booking’ tab. Enter the six-digit booking reference along with the first and last name of the passenger. 
  • Instead of booking reference, one can enter a 16 digit e-ticket number that begins with 618.
  • Select your reservation from the next page to cancel by clicking on ‘Cancel My Booking’.
  • The details of the refund, if any, would appear on the last page before you hit the cancel button.
  • Once cancelled, an email would be sent to your email confirming the cancellation of your reservation.

Singapore Airlines flight cancellation policy favors travelers without compromising on travelers’ comfort and convenience. There are certain rules and regulations, if followed wisely and adequately, one can  claim a refund easily.

Singapore Airlines 24 hour Cancellation Policy

All the flights originating to and from the U.S are eligible for a full refund as cancellation charges for Singapore Airlines would be waived if cancelled within 24 hour from the date of purchase and the flight departure date has to be seven or more days too. Passenger going for Singapore Airlines flight cancellation under 24-hour rule are only eligible for a full refund if :

  • Date of travel is beyond seven or more days from booking date
  • Ticket is cancelled within a day
  • You have purchased a flight to and from the USA only

Besides, Singapore Airlines cancellation of tickets within 24 hours, one can also do free changes to their travel date or the destination. In such cases, passengers do have to pay any change fee, only fare difference, if any. Singapore Airline cancellation policy under 24 hours is applicable to types of refundable and non-refundable fares.

Singapore Airlines Non-Refundable Ticket Cancellation

Singapore Airlines non-refundable tickets are only eligible for cancellation under the following circumstances :

  • Under Singapore Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Death of a passenger or a family member
  • If the flight delayed for five or more hours
  • If added travel insurance  on the ticket and the reasons for cancellations must be covered under that.

Singapore Airlines Award Ticket Cancellation

All the award tickets promoted by Singapore Airlines will be charged a nominal fee upon changes or cancellation, as per Singapore Airlines ticket cancellation policy. Award tickets can be booked under Singapore Airlines’ frequent flyer programme called KrisFlyer. Here are some highlights of the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy under KrisFlyer programme.

  • Upon cancellation, only 25 USD fee would be charged while refunding the rest of the fare.
  • 25 USD for change of date or time on the Singapore Airlines.
  • On any partner or codeshare agreement flight, a cancellation or change fee of only 50 USD will be applied. 

Singapore Airlines Business Class Cancellation Policy

Singapore Airlines cancellation fee for Business and premium class is 300 USD. Any premium class ticket is eligible for a refund after the deduction of cancellation fee. Besides :

  • Cancellation fee for business class would be 25 USD if purchased as an award ticket under KrisFlyer programme.
  • The first change in any business or premium class flight is complimentary. The customers only have to pay fare difference applied to their ticket, if any.
  • If not showing up at the time of travel, the no-show fee for business class would be 300 USD and the rest of the balance would be eligible for a refund or credit voucher, as per Singapore Airlines cancellation policy.

Singapore Airlines Ticket Cancellation Policy – Frequently Asked Questions

How to cancel my Singapore Airlines flight due to a critical illness?

Access to your existing reservation details under the ‘Manage My Booking’ section. Click on cancellation and choose one of the reasons as a critical illness. It will ask you to fill-up the form. Also, attach the relevant medical certificate with the form and click the Submit button. The Singapore Airline representative will get back to you within 24 hours to help you with your situation.

How does Singapore Airlines 24 hour cancellation policy work?

All the flights departing to and from the US are allowed to cancel their reservation for a full refund within 24 hours. Providing that the departure date has to be beyond 7 or more days from the date of booking.

What is the Singapore Airlines cancellation policy beyond 24 hours?

If any cancellation initiated beyond 24 hours, Singapore Airlines cancellation fee ranges between 75-150 USD depending upon the type of ticket purchased i.e Singapore LiteFare, StandFare and FlexiFare.

How to cancel Singapore Airlines tickets online?

One can easily cancel their reservation with Singapore Airlines online by navigating on the ‘Manage My Booking’ tab. Passengers have to provide their six-digit booking reference or 16 digit e-ticket number along with the first and last name of the passenger. One can cancel or change their reservation online through the Manage My Booking’ tab.

How much is the Singapore Airlines cancellation fee?

Singapore Airlines cancellation fee varies with the fare types. Singapore StandardFare charges 100 USD as a fee while passengers booked on Singapore Flexi Fare pay 75 USD as a cancellation fee. In addition, Singapore LiteFare is not eligible for cancellation. Hence does not hold any cancellation fee.

Singapore Airlines Cancellation Phone Number

We understand how the cancellation and other policies change with time and it is difficult to gather all the latest updates at a time. To make it easier and convenient for you, feel free to call us on our 24/7 support line. Our travel agents will not only help you with the cancellation but also any refunds associated with that. Re-issuing Singapore Airline reservation is also just one call away with us as our travel experts will make sure that you will get what you need. Feel free to reach us at any time, as you can also chat with our travel team as we incessantly provide all sorts of support and assistance related to your travel needs while we abide by Singapore Airlines cancellation policy, as mentioned in their rulebook.

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