EasyJet Flight cancellation policy

Why does anyone think to cancel their flights, but you may encounter a stage when you are bound to cancel your trip. For such a situation, you must know the cancellation policy of the airline, which helps you to save extra on cancellation charges. If you are booking tickets in EasyJet flight you must have a brief knowledge about the EasyJet cancellation policy.

When you cancel tickets in EasyJet flights, you need to pay $33 to $38 as a cancellation fee, if you are canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking. As the airline offers one of the cheapest fares available in the market, all the tickets are non-refundable after the completion of 24 hours time bracket. According to the EasyJet cancellation policy, you need to pay a cancellation fee for gaining a refund from the airline. You have a whole day (24 hours) for extracting a full refund from the airline but you need to pay an extra administration fee for it.

No tickets are fully refundable. You need to pay an extra administration fee, whether you cancel tickets within 24 hours. According to the EasyJet cancellation policy, in this airline, you will not receive anything as a refund if you complete the risk-free period.

EasyJet 24 hour cancellation policy

As per EasyJet’s 24 hour cancellation policy, you will receive a full refund but you require to pay an administration fee per passenger. The administration fee varies from $33 to $38 according to the mode of cancellation. If you are canceling tickets after the allotted time (24 hours) no refund will be issued by the airline for you. After the reservation, you have only one option for grabbing a refund, cancel tickets within the same day of reservation. Pay the administration fee according to the claim process (online or offline) and the refund amount will be reversed into your account within three weeks. According to EasyJet’s 24 hour cancellation policy, you have a whole day for correcting the mistakes, “It’s better to have something than nothing”. If you are facing issues while canceling tickets online, you can call EasyJet Customer support by calling toll-free number +1-855-804-2283.

EasyJet cancellation fee

Always cancel tickets within 24 hours, if you are willing to gain a refund. After completing 24 hours of booking all the ticket fare will be forfeited by the airline. You are canceling flight within the same day of booking you need to pay EasyJet cancellation fee of $33 if using an online platform and if you are canceling tickets with the help of the customer service team, the airline will charge you $38 as EasyJet cancellation fee.

For gaining a refund you need to submit a refund request form, and the airline will not issue any refund if you are canceling tickets after the registered period. EasyJet will relinquish all your ticket fare if you fail to board inside the allotted time, all the ticket amount will be forfeited as no show fee. You are canceling the ticket within 24 hours of departure time then all the amount will be abandoned as the EasyJet cancellation fee. Requesting for a refund is available in both the medium (online and offline).

EasyJet refund Policy

Easyjet will not allow any passenger to cancel tickets after the completion of the risk-free period. For obtaining a refund, you need to pay an administration fee, which varies from $33 to $38. If you are thinking of making changes on an ongoing flight or earlier flight, you can do so without paying an additional change fee to airlines but if you want to cancel the ticket you must do it within 24 hours of reservations. In EasyJet Refund Policy, it is mentioned that if you are canceling tickets after the risk-free time frame, your all ticket amount will be relinquished by the airline as EasyJet cancellation fees.

Some situations where the airline may eliminate your cancellation charges are:-

  • Your or co-passenger is facing health problems
  • Passenger is death
  • Military or Government influence
  • The airline is canceling trip without notifying you

FAQs About EasyJet Cancellation Policy

How to cancel my EasyJet flight ticket online?

Below is the answer to your question “How to cancel my EasyJet flight ticket online?”. You need to follow some easy steps discussed below. For cancellation tickets online, you should have a stable internet connection.

What Are the Steps for canceling EasyJet flight ticket online?

1. Search the official site in your preferred web browser
2. Enter the user id and password
3. Click on enter
4. Move to top of the home page
5. Click on Manage My trip tab
6. Enter the recent booking id
7. Select the flight you wish to eliminate
8. Click on cancellation tab
9. Read the policies and process
10. Click on Yes to proceed for next step

The refund amount will be transferred to the original mode of payment. You can avail of the cancellation service over the call by calling Customer service, the service is available 24 x 7 and in multiple languages including your national language English.

Can I cancel my EasyJet flight and get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your EasyJet flight ticket and get a refund. For grabbing a refund you need to pay an administration fee of $35 to $38 and cancel your ticket on the same day of booking. If you are canceling the ticket after 24 hours of booking, no refund will be allotted to you. EasyJet offers one of the cheapest fares, so all the tickets are non-refundable tickets if you are willing to cancel it after the risk-free period.

What is the EasyJet cancellation fee for non-refundable tickets?

EasyJet cancellation fee for non-refundable tickets depends on two circumstances. Such as- when you are canceling tickets, and why you are canceling tickets. You are canceling tickets for legitimate purposes, then the airline may omit your cancellation fees. After the fulfillment of the risk-free time frame, all the tickets are non-refundable. If you are doubtful regarding the journey, pay the administration fee, and cancel the ticket within 24 hours of reservation, for grasping a full refund.

Does EasyJet cancel flights?

Yes, EasyJet cancels flights, when the situation is not in favor of take-off and the security of passengers are compromised. For such situations, the airline will not pay you any refund, but if the EasyJet cancel flights for controllable reasons, you will receive a refund, free accommodation, food, drinks, call, etc.
When EasyJet cancel flights, they will notify each passenger in advance and offer eVoucher against your ticket fare.


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