No one thinks to cancel the scheduled journey, but unfortunately, you may require to cancel the flight for some personal reasons. You require a hard determination for canceling tickets as the cancellation fees charged by the airline are additionally expensive. If you know some principles of the cancellation process, you may cancel tickets without hurting your comfort zone. When you are planning a journey in Cathay Pacific, you need to have decent information about the Cathay pacific cancellation policy. Cathay pacific cancellation policy is based on the US transport act, so when you cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking, no cancellation fee is charged on you. When you cancel tickets after the 24 hours window, you require to pay the cancellation as per your destination and class of service. According to Cathay pacific cancellation policy, a passenger who is unsure about the journey always prefer to buy a refundable ticket, as if they choose non-refundable tickets, they are not eligible for a full refund, they will only receive the tax amount as a refund.

Cathay Pacific Cancellation Fee

When you cancel tickets in the risk-free period, you do not require to pay any cancellation charges to the airline. Cathay pacific cancellation fees depend on the types of tickets purchased by passengers. After the risk-free period, if you cancel the flight ticket, you need to pay $150 for unused tickets, $150 for a partially used ticket. For the passenger with Economy Save and Economy Standard Fares ticket, the airline will charge the total fare as the Cathay pacific cancellation fee. The airline does not allow Economy Save and Economy Standard Fares passengers to cancel their respective tickets. After the deduction of the Cathay pacific cancellation fee, the rest of the amount will be reversed to the original mode of payment (Debit card, Credit card, E-wallets, etc). You will only get the government tax as a refund if you are canceling a non-refundable ticket, always cancel tickets early for reducing the value of the cancellation fee. If you are canceling tickets on the same day of departure, you will only get service fees as a refund. Always cancel tickets minimum 24 hours prior to departure for gaining a good amount as a refund. For a full refund, you need to cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking.

Cathay Pacific Refund Policy

In Cathay Pacific, you need to fill out an online refund form, the form is available in both the mode (online and offline). According to Cathay pacific cancellation policy, you have two years for claiming the refund. If you have an unused ticket you can claim a refund by mailing in the official site or calling on +1-855-804-2283. When the validity expired, the airline will not grant any refund to you. You need to pay $150 for unused tickets and for the partially used tickets you need to pay $150 for obtaining a refund. The Economy Save and Economy Standard Fares class passengers do not qualify for the cancellation process. In some cases, the airline may abandon your cancellation if you have a valid proof for your reasons. You can claim your refund by filling the refund form available on online platforms, or you may connect with the customer service team. If you booked the ticket from any third party, you can’t claim the refund online. For grabbing a refund you need to follow some simple conditions implemented by the airline.

Cathay pacific 24 hours cancellation policy

In Cathay pacific 24 hours cancellation policy, it is stated that if you are canceling flights within 24 hours of booking no cancellation charges imposed on you. When you cancel your ticket on the same day of booking, you will receive a full refund, the refund amount will be transferred to your account within three business weeks. You need to visit for filling the form online.
The ticket is booked by the third party agent, for those tickets you require to communicate the agent directly for obtaining the refund. The types of tickets do not have any role in Cathay Pacific 24 hours cancellation policy. Whether you have refundable tickets or non-refundable tickets, you are eligible for a full refund if you are canceling tickets within 24 hours of booking. When you are requesting a refund by the offline process, you need to present a booking id and valid cause for canceling your scheduled tickets. The offline claim process consumes more time than the online process. You need to follow one simple condition for claiming a full refund as per Cathay pacific 24 hours cancellation policy, the canceling date must be seven days or more from the date of departure.

What to do if the Cathay pacific flight got cancelled?

The airline is canceling the flight for an uncontrollable reason, no compensation or refund is offered by the airline. If your flight is delayed or canceled for the mistakes done by Cathay Pacific, you will receive free calls, free meals, free accommodation, etc. The airline will arrange a seat on the next flight to your destination or you may request a full refund. Cathay Pacific will inform you in advance if they are canceling flights, but if they fail or informing you on the same day of departure, the airline will offer you a voucher for future trips. When you receive information, the next step should be to inform the customer service team for requesting a refund or you may for a seat on the next flight to your destination. If you are opting for a seat on the next flight you do not require to pay any extra fees.

Cathay Pacific compensation rules:-

If your flight is delayed for more than four hours:-

Two telephone calls, fax messages, emails, snacks, refreshment drinks, free of cost. All the facility is available for each class passengers.

If the flight is delayed for more than one day: –

Cathay Pacific will offer you full accommodations between the airports to the hotel without charging anything from you. The types of tickets do not play any role in obtaining compensation.

If the flight is delayed for more than five hours and you are deciding to cancel it:-

The airline will refund you the full fare, the refund will be reflected in your account within one to three weeks, the duration of the refund depends on the original mode of payment. Cathay Pacific will transfer your ticket fare within a week if you used a credit card or debit card at the of payments.

If the airline is arranging a flight to your destination and the arrival time of flight is not exceeding 4 or more hours: –

The airline will issue a refund (50% on the total ticket fare) to your account within 20 business days.

How to cancel Cathay pacific booking through the official mobile app?

Cathay Pacific offers multiple options for canceling the flight. You can cancel tickets through different forms, such as- online, offline, ticket counter, etc. For canceling tickets in a hassle-free manner always choose a website and mobile app. If you cancel tickets at the airport counter you may need to pay service fees excluding cancellation fee. You may cancel tickets by contacting the reservation team, you need to present your booking id, email address, mobile number.

The cancellation process through the official mobile app is simple and very easy to follow-

  • Open the mobile app
  • Log in through your user ID
  • Visit the Travel tab
  • Pick my trip option
  • Enter the ticket number
  • Select the flight (which you are wishing to cancel)
  • Click on the cancel button
  • Review the calculated refund amount
  • Approve your selection by clicking on the enter button

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