Everyone thinks booking tickets is an easier job rather than cancelling tickets, but if you have a brief knowledge of the cancellation policy then you might save your money and effort. According to the Air France cancellation policy, the airline will not charge any cancellation fee, if you are cancelling flight within 24 hours of booking and the departure date of scheduled flight is seven or more days from the date of cancellation. For generating a refund request you need to visit the cancellation section of the airline, after the deduction of cancellation the rest of the amount will be to your accounts inside three business weeks.

In the Air France cancellation policy, it is stated that if you are cancelling tickets after the completion of 24 hours, you need to pay a cancellation fee to the airline. The cancellation fee imposed by the airline depends on the class of service, type of memberships, and time of cancellation, etc. The airline may abandon off your charges if the reasons are valid and you are offering official documents as proof for canceling tickets. Air France charges $ 45 to $ 125 as a cancellation fee; the condition is that the ticket must be booked two days before the departure date. If you understand the Air France cancellation policy, you can defend well in front of the airline at the time of requesting a refund. The passenger with Award tickets, may not request for a refund as the airline restrict cancellation policy for the award tickets holder. For reducing the impact of cancellations on your pockets always choose refundable tickets, as the airline does not grant refunds to the non-refundable ticket holders.

What is the Air France flight refund policy?

Air France grant two types of refund to the passengers.

  • If the flight is cancelled by the passenger
  • If the flight is cancelled by the airline

If the flight is cancelled by the passenger

The airline will grant you a refund if you cancel your scheduled ticket, by following the criteria proposed by Air France. One of the conditions for cancelling tickets is you need to book tickets at least two days prior to departure date. Air France flight refund policy states that if you are cancelling tickets within 24 hours of booking you will gain a full refund from the airline within the next 20 business days.

If the flight is cancelled by the airline

The airline is cancelling flights for EarthQuake, Landslides, Heavy rain, etc, which are not suitable for take-off, you will not receive any refund as per the Air France flight refund policy. Your flight got canceled by the airline for a corporate reason or delayed for more than four hours, you will get rewarded with a full refund by the airline.

Air France 24 hour cancellation policy

What if you made a mistake while booking tickets and desires to cancel the reserved tickets. Cancelling tickets can hurt your savings but thanks to Air France 24 hour cancellation policy. You are qualified for a refund if you are cancelling tickets within 24 hours of booking according to the Air France 24 hour cancellation policy. No cancellation fee will be imposed on you if you are cancelling tickets within 24 hours of booking the only condition for claiming a refund is the ticket must be booked two days prior to` the departure date of flight, as per Air France Cancellation policy. Air France 24 hour cancellation policy helps to rectify the mistakes done while scheduling tickets without paying additional fees. For a refund, you need to fill up the refund form (online or offline), the refund amount will be calculated as per the terms and conditions applied by the airline. You need to contact the agent of the third party if you booked the ticket from any third party or another website.

Air France cancellation fee

Air France cancellation fee is lower as compared to other airlines. The airline charges $45 to $125 as per the type of tickets, time of cancelling tickets, class of services, etc. You need to pay the cancellation fee, for grabbing your refund from the airline. If you are willing to cancel tickets do soon for reducing the impact of cancellation fee on your refund value. You can cancel tickets anytime and from anyplace, the only condition is that you need to book the ticket at least 48 hours before the departure time of the flight. If you cancelling tickets inside the 24 hours of booking, the Air France cancellation fee will be Zero. You will get the refund in your account, or you may go for eVoucher for future travel.

FAQs About Air France Flight Cancellation

Does Air France cancels flight often?

Yes, we know the history of Air France is not great, in terms of eliminating flights. But in present, Air France cancelled flights only when the situations are not in favor of take-off. The airline knows the value of life so it is a wise decision to cancel flights if safety is compromised. In some circumstances, if the airline is bound to cancel the flights for natural emergencies, you are not eligible for any refund, but if the airline is cancelling or delaying flights for personal factors you can claim a refund based on your destination and type of tickets. Air France cancelled flights for the reasons related to airlines, then according to EC Regulations 261/100, you can claim financial benefit up to 600 EUROs for the inconvenience created by the airline. The compensation amount depends on passenger destinations.

How to cancel Air France ticket online?

What if you can perform the cancellation process at home without visiting the airport? Air France offers numerous platforms for cancelling your scheduled tickets. With a stable internet connection, you can cancel tickets online without violating your daily routine. Below are the steps for cancelling flights online:-

1. Search the official site of Air France in your web browser
2. Log in to your account by entering email id and password
3. Go to My trips
4. Search your trip by entering the booking id
5. Select the flight that you wish to cancel
6. Enter the Modify Flight option
7. Request for a refund by filling the cancellation form
8. Click on cancellation Tab
9. Your refund will be displayed
10. Complete the cancellation process by entering the cancellation tab

Above is the solution to your question “how to cancel Air France ticket online?”

The refund will be transferred to your account within 3 weeks from the requested date, the refund will be calculated according to the type of tickets. If you booked a non-refundable ticket you will only get tax part as per the Air France cancellation policy. You are cancelling tickets online and within 24 hours of booking, your account will be credited with the amount after the deduction of non-refundable service charges. For cancelling tickets you can use the telephone system, you need to call on +1-855-804-2283, it is accessible in both languages (English and French). The service is available from 9 AM to 8 PM (Monday to Friday) and in the weekend from morning 9 o’clock to evening 5:30. For further queries, you may contact the airline from social media platforms.

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